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What is LUT?

LUT Usage Areas

LUT files are divided into two types, the first being color space profiles. These profile LUTs are used to display LOG shots of cameras on the reference monitor with correct light and colors. For example, ARRI Alexa displays cameras as a REC-709 color profile on the output monitor. It allows us to set the Kelvin, ISO and Diagram settings of the camera properly. These profile LUTs are also available on Color Correction software, their current versions can be downloaded from the web pages of camera manufacturers and installed on the coloring software. It allows us to see the most accurate colors of the videos with LOG coming from the camera. Of course, if our monitor is properly calibrated.

The other LUT file type is available in ready-made (LUT pack, stock) colors or various Color Grading styles, allowing us to quickly apply it to the film. We can create my own LUT style by purchasing these styles or through software. We can also upload these LUTs to the camera or reference video monitor. Thus, by doing a pre-shooting style study, we can see it directly on the set without going into coloring, we can see our colors in the set environment, and we can quickly fix certain problems.

LUT Movie Samples

HOLLYWOOD LUT WITH ORANGE AND TURQUOISE COLOR STYLE LUTs are the only part of the color correction area that is more about math and science than creativity. LUTs are a very popular topic today. From cinematographers to editors, everyone is into LUTs. As a colorist, we must be aware of LUTs, know how they work, and cooperate with people working in Production and Post Production in order to successfully apply LUTs to the project. LUTs are actually not that difficult from a Colorist's point of view. The innovation of LUTs is that they make this process repeatable, shareable and computable. The same LUT value gives the same rate and value in every project.

LUT Structure

The 3D LUT is used in the film industry to apply one color space to another. They are mostly used to display the final output quality on any device, or projector. The 3D LUT is like a 3D CUBE (lattice) indexed with the outputs of the RGB color values, with the inputs of the RGB color values. Cubes can be of various sizes and bit depths.

LUT stands for LookUp Table. We often encounter the LookUp Table element in computer science. It is a set of metrics (MATRIX) code indexing system consisting of columns and rows in logarithm style. In short, they are sequences with a mathematical formula.

You can buy our LUT packages prepared by the professional team.

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